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(Opposite of working-copy?) Comment on draft-brown-versioning-link-relations-03


what is your opinion regarding the introduction of a link relation that is the opposite of working-copy in order to being able to find the versioned resource that the working copy I have is a working copy of?

I am undecided regarding the necessity, but without a working-copy-of relation it seems the client would need to maintain that information (the relationship or the fact that a given resource is a working copy) across requests.

I do not think this is really I-D publication relevant right now, please understand it only as a side comment.


On Nov 20, 2009, at 3:13 PM, Julian Reschke wrote:


This update to yesterday's draft is purely editorial, moving each link relation into a proper subsection, and using the correct IANA registration template as defined per RFC 4287.

At this point we'd like to ask the community for final feedback; we are planning to request publication in two weeks from now (Dec 04).

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	Title           : Link Relations for Simple Version Navigation
	Author(s)       : A. Brown, et al.
	Filename        : draft-brown-versioning-link-relations-03.txt
	Pages           : 11
	Date            : 2009-11-20
This specification defines Atom link relations for navigation between
a resource and its versions.
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