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Comparison of hoffman-idn-reg and jseng-idn-admin

With a personal and an Arabic script mindset, this is just a basic

I like hoffman-idn-reg, since it's short and provides a solution for 
simple Latin-like scripts. I can point someone not very technical to the 
I-D and have him understand it.

I also like it, since it sometimes tries not to be ignorant, and mentions
things like:

   A registry MUST NOT blindly combine multiple tables which have
   overlapping equivalences. Instead, the registry MUST carefully analyze
   every instance in the combined table where a base character has one or
   more different variants and select the desired set of variants for the
   base character.

(But unfortunately doesn't suggest any guidelines when doing so.)

Unfortunately, the list ends here. Specifically, there are fetures that
are *required* for Arabic but are missing in the language of the tables.

hoffman-idn-reg has some chance to become better, but it needs to address 
these areas:

1. Mandatory equivalences as opposed to secondary/variant equivalences.  
This feature is necessary for defining equivalences between European and
Arabic-Indic digit shapes in Arabic labels, for example. Many software
platforms like MS Windows have features that will automatically change the
shape of European digits to Arabic-Indic ones in an Arabic context. Also,
some Arabi countries only use one form of the digit set (and only have
this set on their keyboards), while others use the other (and only have
that set on their keyboards).

This is some feature that *all* Arabic script zones *require*, contrary to
optional features like reservation of a label with very similiar
characters that may create cybersquatting problems and *may* be solved by
just limiting the repretoire to a shorter list of characters.

2. Clear language about conflict resolution. There needs to be some clear
guidelines or recommendations about the times that two registered labels
come into an intersection regarding the variant labels associated to them.
This will happen with almost any multi-language Arabic-script zone
(e.g. U+0649 vs U+064A vs U+06CC).

3. Clear language with specific guidelines and real-life examples for 
merging tables for different languages/locales.

4. Better syntax for the table. Don't you agree that a U+ABCDU+BCDAU+CDAB
syntax is unreadable? Why can't one use a space?

Having said all that, I still recommend helping to make the language of
jseng-idn-admin more understandable to a western mindset (and possibly
making it two I-Ds, one general and one CJK-only), than trying to make
hoffman-idn-reg a second jseng-idn-admin. jseng-idn-admin is much better
and clearer in all the above four points, and even provides an exact 
algorithm for point 3.