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RE: Comparison of hoffman-idn-reg and jseng-idn-admin

>>Unfortunately, the list ends here. Specifically, there are fetures
>>are *required* for Arabic but are missing in the language of the

>And therefore it will be added. (Note to the list: I doubt that 
>Arabic is the only language that I missed. If you know of others, 
>please speak up!)

Since it's my first post - I'll introduce myself: Benny Lipsicas, ".il"
registry administrator. 

The language in question is Hebrew. One feature that may be of
importance to us is the ability to prevent certain characters from
appearing anywhere else but at the end of the label (i.e. it can only be
the last char of a label), and we have another issue, which I'm not
certain is in the scope of this list, any label in Hebrew needs to be
written RTL, and if i'm not mistaken, this technically prevents the
mixing of Hebrew and non-Hebrew chars in the same label.