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Re: Comparison of hoffman-idn-reg and jseng-idn-admin

At 02:20 03/04/02 +0000, Adam M. Costello wrote:

Now this does suggest a new sort of problem that hasn't existed before:
bundles that are too big.  Currently, the problem is that bundles are
too small (just one name), so that registering a name doesn't prevent
someone else from registering a confusingly similar name.  The opposite
problem would be bundles that are too big, where registering one name
prevents someone else from registering another name that's different
enough to be considered distinct under trademark law (or whatever rules
are relevant to the dispute).  It might happen that registrant X has a
trademark on nameX, and registrant Y has a trademark on nameY, so both
registrants are equally "entitled" to their respective names, but the
two names are in the same bundle, so only one of the registrants can
have their name.  I guess this is not so different from cases where two
companies have trademarks on the same name in different markets, but
only one of them can have the name in .com.

The danger of bundles being too big can easily happen for European languages, with a bundle that defines that all accented versions of a character are treated as the same as the base character. In that case, Paul's approach (also described by Adam) of using equivalence classes won't scale. What may work is that an accented character blocks the base character, but not characters with a different accent. But this no longer can be described with equivalence classes.

Regards, Martin.