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Re: Comparison of hoffman-idn-reg and jseng-idn-admin

Benny Lipsicas <benny@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> any label in Hebrew needs to be written RTL, and if i'm not mistaken,
> this technically prevents the mixing of Hebrew and non-Hebrew chars in
> the same label.

This is governed by Nameprep.  Basically, RTL and LTR characters cannot
both be present in the same label.  See Stringprep for exact definitions
of RTL and LTR as used in this rule, and note that some characters are
neither LTR nor RTL.

You could mix Hebrew and Arabic characters in the same label, because
both are RTL.

Martin Duerst <duerst@xxxxxx> wrote:

> So a registry registring Hebrew would want to make sure that e.g. a
> kaf in the middle of a label is always U+05DB, but at the end of the
> label is always U+05DA.

I don't see why, and you yourself immediately contradict that statement:

> I'm not sure what should happen with labels that consist of more than
> one word, whether simple concatenation would be acceptable (and a
> final letter could help seeing the word boundary) or whether a hyphen
> or other, similar character would be used to concatenate words.

Regardless of whether a hyphen-like character is used, the result is a
label with a final character in the middle of the label.