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Re: Framework for IDN Operations

Perhaps the best way then is for me to add in an IPR consideration session
within the documents explicitly stating that the discussions within the
documents are not bound by any patents implied by the statement.  Would that
work for you?

Anyway, I look forward to comments and feedback on the documents themselves.


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> At 7:58 PM -0500 4/2/03, Edmon Chung wrote:
> >Hi Everyone,
> >understand that patent related submissions would include a section
> >IPR considerations.  Also I will name the draft under "dnsii" as
> >in the statement.
> >So, the recent new ones are not :-)
> Your company is on public record as saying that you have applied for
> a patent that may be relevant, and that you will only grant rights to
> the patent if it is used in a standards-track technology. If your
> corporate officers want to change that statement, that's fine; until
> they do, I would not suggest that anyone take the above message as
> legally binding or even relevant.
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