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RE: Comparison of hoffman-idn-reg and jseng-idn-admin

I sent this reply before noticing the rest of the replies posted. Those
were very helpful, and did a better job in explaining the situation :-)
- so this message can be ignored. 


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>>Subject: RE: Comparison of hoffman-idn-reg and jseng-idn-admin
>>Rethinking of it, I should have said last char of a word, and not a
>>label. Hebrew has three letters which have an "ending form", i.e.,
>>at the end of a word they are written differently (Arabic has also a
>>of those). Grammatically speaking, they can't be written in a word
>>(which we need to decide whether or not to block, I guess it is legit
>>for someone to want to write two words without separating between
>>On top of that, two of those ending forms look similar to two other
>>letters, therefore can be used to write words that look similar (like
>>the 0 (zero) and o case).
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>>>>Subject: RE: Comparison of hoffman-idn-reg and jseng-idn-admin
>>>>At 4:52 PM +0200 4/2/03, Benny Lipsicas wrote:
>>>>>The language in question is Hebrew. One feature that may be of
>>>>>importance to us is the ability to prevent certain characters from
>>>>>appearing anywhere else but at the end of the label (i.e. it can
>>>>>the last char of a label), and we have another issue, which I'm not
>>>>>certain is in the scope of this list, any label in Hebrew needs to
>>>>>written RTL, and if i'm not mistaken, this technically prevents the
>>>>>mixing of Hebrew and non-Hebrew chars in the same label.
>>>>The latter issue is definitely handled by the IDNA standard. Could
>>>>you explain the reason for the first issue (that a particular
>>>>character has to be the last character in the label)?
>>>>--Paul Hoffman, Director
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