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Re: Comparison of hoffman-idn-reg and jseng-idn-admin

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, Paul Hoffman / IMC wrote:

> >Now, when one registers a label with a U+0649 and someone else goes with a
> >U+064A, who will own the U+06CC version?
> The first person to register either name. I can add (hopefully) 
> "clear language" on this in the next draft.

Well, I'll do it the other way: neither will own it, since it will
definitely create security problems. On a second thought, we may need 
three classes of equivalents:

1. Required: Always resolving. Example: different digit forms

2. Variant: Optionally resolving. The current variant.

3. Blocking: Reserved forever. Example: Arabic vs Persian Yehs 

> >Or which character wins, or which registrant wins, or which orthography
> >wins...
> Not "registrant"; the policy is in place before the registrants start 
> using it.

Actually, you may have policies like "the first registrant wins".

> If you (or anyone!) have suggestions on how to do this with 
> real-world examples, please send them along. I cannot see any, but I 
> am hampered by speaking only one language and by being too close to 
> the current proposal. Such examples might be useful in whatever 
> proposal a multi-lingual zone adopts.

'jseng-idn-admin' has such an algorithm. But let's see if someone comes
with a better or clearer suggestion.