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Re: Comparison of hoffman-idn-reg and jseng-idn-admin

At 1:47 PM -0500 4/3/03, Martin Duerst wrote:
But I think such a sequence-dependent structure is difficult
to understand and treat mathematically. That's maybe why
Adam has problems with it. It would be much better if we
had a structure that didn't depend on sequence. Something
along the lines of 'blockings can overlap (and don't belong
to anybody), but mappings cannot overlap'.

Blockings *have* to belong to someone so that the registry knows when they are unblocked. Registrations don't last forever.

From the real examples that people have given in the JET document and the examples on this list, you can't generate a list of blocked names just by looking at the allocated names: you have to look at the registered names.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium