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Re: initial thoughts

Paul Hoffman / IMC <phoffman@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Suppose JPNIC decides that hiragana and katakana should block each
> > other.
> Er, in order to say that something doesn't scale, you need to use
> real-world examples.  JPNIC has already stated that they have no
> intention to do this.

Maybe it won't happen for Japanese, but there are other opportunities
for it to happen.  Serbo-Croatian can be written in either of two
scripts (Cyrillic and Latin), and there are several Indian scripts that
use identical names for most of their letters, and I've heard of Indian
languages that can use more than one script interchangeably (sorry I
don't have more details).  Are you sure you want an architecture that
dares to flirt with exponential explosions?