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AMC said:

For the moment I'll call the relation "confusability".  Given any two
labels (in no particular order), they are either confusable or not, and
it is possible to compute that boolean value.  The computation might
enumerate all the labels that could be confused with one of the inputs
and check whether the other input is among them, or it might be possible
to be more efficient by using a clever algorithm.  We'll worry about
that later.

From an earlier post, someone talked about IBM.com vs 1BM.com -- which should have been ibm.com vs 1bm.com, but none the less this type of similar-looking-glyph use can be confusing. It can be even more confusing if one uses a Greek small letter iota with tonos (U03AF) to produce an ibm.com. Is this the type of confusion you are talking about?