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Re: New Internet Draft on registering IDNs

At 09:16 03/04/04 -0800, Paul Hoffman / IMC wrote:
At 11:34 AM -0500 4/4/03, Martin Duerst wrote:
The document should clearly state that it is intended for
public registries with large numbers of registrations
(i.e. mostly second-level and for some ccTLDs third-level
zones) rather than tightly controlled, privately managed,
and in most cases much smaller zones (mostly third-level
and some higher levels).

But that's not true. It is intended for any zone regardless of size and regardless of where they are in the DNS.

 In the later case, the owner
does not have to state a policy, and can just register
whatever they think is feasible.

We disagree on how to run zones, then.

Okay, so let's take an example. Assume that at w3.org, we want to create a small number of third-level IDNs. Do you think that we should set up tables and other infrastructure before we can put a single IDN into that zone? If you think this is the case, can you explain why?

Regards, Martin.