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Re: New Internet Draft on registering IDNs

Jaap Akkerhuis <jaap@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> There is the domain name clueless.de (and clue.de and probably more
> such as fuehrer.de).  If the algorithm specifies that u-umlaut and
> ue are in a single bundle it might mean that either the clue.de
> delegation should be cancelled or that nobody can register clu+umlaut.

Or that only the owner of clue.de can have clu<umlaut>.

> That last one is probably unlikely, but fuehrer.de and
> fu(+umlaut)hrer.de (or any other word that makes sense and is already
> registered) is a potential clash.

Similarly, fu<umlaut>hrer.de might be unavailable to everyone except the
owner of fuehrer.de.

That seems like the right policy to me.

I think revoking existing registrations is a non-starter; the
registrants would be furious, and rightly so.