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Re: New Internet Draft on registering IDNs

At 1:59 PM -0500 4/4/03, Martin Duerst wrote:
But it is not clear to me from your current document whether you intend
this to be the only table/algorith, or whether you think there might
be several.

I'll try to be clearer. And, obviously, other folks can submit different proposals, some of which might be more framework-y than this one.

For example, an u-umlaut in German is often equated with 'ue'.
Now suppose that the German TLD wants to define tables to take
this into account, and apply these to the current ASCII registrations
in .de. Can they design the tables so that they don't have to take
away already registered domains from their owners?

This ties directly into the overlapping bundle question that I need to clarify. Every all-ASCII name in a a zone is inherently a bundle of one. The bundle for dürst would contain dürst and duerst, and the bundle for duerst would contain just duerst.

An unstated rule that needs to be stated is that you cannot allocate names from bundles that already exist in the zone. They can be in the bundle and will block further registration, but they won't go into the zone for that registrant.

In the case above, assume that someone already has duerst (which is true in .de and .ch). You now register dürst and get the bundle of dürst and duerst, with dürst being allocated. The current owner of duerst lets their registration expire. You could then put duerst into the zone as part of your bundle, if the registry rules allow that. But, even if you couldn't put it in the zone, the existence of your bundle would prevent me from registering duerst directly.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium