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Re: New Internet Draft on registering IDNs

Similarly, fu<umlaut>hrer.de might be unavailable to everyone except the
owner of fuehrer.de.

That seems like the right policy to me.

I think revoking existing registrations is a non-starter; the
registrants would be furious, and rightly so.



So then, under this policy the owner of fuehrer.de won't have to do anything? He doesn't have to take any steps protect his original name. He doesn't even have to register fu<umlaut>hrer.de? He can just sit there, do nothing and let your policy protect him -- nice for him.

What about other TLD's? Does he not have to worry about them as well?

This proposed policy doesn't sound right to me and I am sure that registrars won't like missing the revenue generated by customers protecting their name.

As you well know, many organizations/companies register different names for protection. For example, my wife's business, namely Earth Stones, has registered earthstones.com as well as earth-stones.com and earthstones under five other TLDs. She did this because protective registration makes sense and it's cheaper than court.

If the end result of this policy making makes it such that the original owner of a DN doesn't have to worry about like-registrations, then registrars will lose money. AND, if this policy extends to other TLD's, then this policy will revoke existing registrations from those who arrived late to register any name registered under a different TLD.

I don't think this will work.