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RE: New Internet Draft on registering IDNs

>>>Similarly, fu<umlaut>hrer.de might be unavailable to everyone except
>>>owner of fuehrer.de.
>>>That seems like the right policy to me.
>>>I think revoking existing registrations is a non-starter; the
>>>registrants would be furious, and rightly so.
>>So then, under this policy the owner of fuehrer.de won't have to do
>>anything? He doesn't have to take any steps protect his original
>>name. He doesn't even have to register fu<umlaut>hrer.de? He can just
>>sit there, do nothing and let your policy protect him -- nice for him.
>>What about other TLD's? Does he not have to worry about them as well?
>>This proposed policy doesn't sound right to me and I am sure that
>>registrars won't like missing the revenue generated by customers
>>protecting their name.
>>As you well know, many organizations/companies register different
>>names for protection. For example, my wife's business, namely Earth
>>Stones, has registered earthstones.com as well as earth-stones.com
>>and earthstones under five other TLDs. She did this because
>>protective registration makes sense and it's cheaper than court.
>>If the end result of this policy making makes it such that the
>>original owner of a DN doesn't have to worry about
>>like-registrations, then registrars will lose money. AND, if this
>>policy extends to other TLD's, then this policy will revoke existing
>>registrations from those who arrived late to register any name
>>registered under a different TLD.
>>I don't think this will work.

What about translations from one language to another? (that's a real
life question already presented to me) - will the holder of family.co.il
have any guarantee that no one else registers family<in Hebrew>.co.il?