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Re: New Internet Draft on registering IDNs

> I think this group has made some significant progress in that
 some characters have been already mapped to others -- such as all
 occurrences of glyphs looking like "A" and have been mapped to "a" and
 so on.

What are you refering to? I don't know of anyone who has done that.


Please forgive me, perhaps I'm not using the right terminology, but clearly "A" has been mapped to "a" already.

Try using nameprep found at --


-- and see what happens when you enter a HEX string of 0041 (A). You will find that it has been mapped to 0061 (a) -- as it has always been.

But please note that every glyph that looks like "A" has also been mapped to 0061 (a). For example, from the newer Unicode Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols table every "A" (1D400 to 1D670 ) has been mapped to 0061 (a) as well. I believe there are thirteen in all, namely bold, italic, bold-italic, script, bold-script, fraktur, double-struck, bold-frakture, sans-serif, sans-serif-bold, sans-serif-italic, sans-serif-bold-italic and monospace A's have been mapped to 0061 (a).

That's what I meant about characters being mapped to others -- is there a better way to say this?