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Re: New Internet Draft on registering IDNs

On 00:54 06/04/03, Adam M. Costello said:
However, many people are concerned that the whole naming system will
lose its value if human beings cannot recognize when two names are the
same and when they are different.

dear Adam,
Your point is well taken, but human beings are not just alphabets. Basing such tables on unicode is like using the genome to decide about man/woman to fall in love.

The first tables to be developed (not by this group, but by experts in the relevant language) will prohibit all Unicode characters except those essential to a particular language, and will contain carefully crafted mappings for those characters.

This would be acceptable if any language oriented TLD did exist. ccTLDs are geographical and ruled by WTO regulations of equal and fair treatment to all. They also may be subject to local laws (but WTO supersedes laws as a Treaty).

That's irrelevant.  If I'm told that ue and u<umlaut> are confusable, I
don't need to be told separately that xue and xu<umlaut> are confusable,
and that foouebar and foou<umlaut>bar are confusable.

This does not take language context into account. Accentuations are by nature clarified by context. This is why rule has exceptions.

> you're making decisions about glyphs in other languages that are not
> you're own.

This group is certainly are not doing that.  It's not designing the

The principles behind the tables are the problems.

Right, which is why this group is not even going to try.  At most, it's
going to develop an architecture into which tables can be plugged, and
other groups with the needed expertise will devise the tables.

Multi-layer working repartition: these groups will then say they delegate to other experts....
This is real life. So we all know that the ultimate experts will be lawyers and Judges.