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Re: New Internet Draft on registering IDNs

AMC said:

No, this group is not trying to predict them all.  It is trying to
devise an architecture that can be extended to deal with the issues
incrementally as they are discovered.  The first tables to be developed
(not by this group, but by experts in the relevant language) will
prohibit all Unicode characters except those essential to a particular
language, and will contain carefully crafted mappings for those
characters.  Then some tables will be developed that combine two
languages, with special care taken for the characters used by both.
Gradually, as more experience and expertise is developed, more inclusive
tables will be created.  Each registry will decide what table to use for
each of its zones.

Okay, fair enough -- I understand then, you are simply trying to set up a procedure for dealing with confusing, or otherwise look-alike, code-points. With that said, are you trying to prohibit them, or map them to other code-points, or both?

Another question -- What "experts in the relevant language" will oversee char sets such as Dingbats, Mathematical Symbols, or other such non-language specific (or multi-language) characters?

Thanks for the clarification.