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Re: New Internet Draft on registering IDNs

tedd <tedd@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Okay, fair enough -- I understand then, you are simply trying to set
> up a procedure for dealing with confusing, or otherwise look-alike,
> code-points.  With that said, are you trying to prohibit them, or map
> them to other code-points, or both?

The primary concern of this group (I think) is that registries prevent
too-similar labels in the same zone from belonging to different
registrants.  If they belong to the same registrant, that's fine,
and then the question of how the labels behave is less important.
The registry could force the labels to resolve the same, or the
registry could leave it up to the registrant to control how they behave
(the registrant can configure the subordinate DNS servers and the
application-level servers).

For example, the traditional and simplified forms of a Chinese name
might be required by the registry to belong to the same registrant, but
that registrant might be able to choose whether to have them return the
same web page or two different web pages (one using traditional Chinese
and one using simplified Chinese).

> Another question -- What "experts in the relevant language" will
> oversee char sets such as Dingbats, Mathematical Symbols, or other
> such non-language specific (or multi-language) characters?

If potential registrants demand to use those characters in names (which
is a big if, because registrants typically want names that are easy to
type), then presumably the registries will find some experts on those