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RE: model with overlapping variants

> Roozbeh gave this example:
> U+0649 Arabic letter alef maksura
> U+064A Arabic letter yeh
> U+06CC Arabic letter Farsi yeh
> In Arabic, the first two letters are distinct, and the third 
> is not used.  In Persian, the first two letters are not used, 
> and the third looks exactly like either of the other two, 
> depending on its position in a word.
> So if a zone wants to support both Arabic and Persian, it 
> needs to prevent different registrants from having names 
> whose only difference is that one uses the Persian letter and 
> the other uses the identical-looking Arabic letter.  But if 
> we require the relation to be transitive, we make the two 
> distinct Arabic letters equivalent, which will surprise 
> users, and possibly upset both users and registries (because 
> names would be blocked for no apparent reason).
> I've heard that there are examples involving simplified and 
> traditional Chinese characters that motivate intransitive 
> relations, but I'm not familiar with those.

Yes, simplified and traditional Chinese characters have lot of 
intransitive relations cases. If you want to see the detail of the 
cases, I can provide it later.