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Re: Character Variant Deployment at VeriSign

Thanks, Pat. This kind of deployment information is quite useful. For others on the list who didn't see the earlier announcement, VGRS has much more information at <http://www.verisign-grs.com/idn/learn/variants/>.

A few questions.

At 12:06 PM -0400 5/16/03, Kane, Pat wrote:
-  For existing Chinese IDN registrations, VGRS will generate variants and
store them with a relationship to the registration that created them.  This
is the bundle.

By "Chinese" here, I assume you mean "CJK", yes? Unless I'm missing something, VGRS doesn't have a way to know if a label that contains only CJK and ASCII characters is Chinese, Japanese, or non-Hangul Korean.

- VGRS will be using a table that is available from TWNIC.

Could you give us a pointer to that table?

-  For new registrations (post 5/17), if a variant exists, the registration
will not be permitted.

Just to be clear: you mean "if a variant already is registered, the new registration will not be permitted", yes?

-  We do not consider the bundles created to be the final correct bundles
since we know that we will be replacing the table.

It would be great if you (or any other registry!) could keep us informed on how the table-making process is going. This is particularly valuable for CJK, where different groups have made different attempts at variant tables.

Later this summer, we intend to introduce a language tag so that a registrar
or registrant can provide the appropriate language association for a new

This is a tag to be stored in the registration database, not a language tag that will be put in the domain name itself, correct? Some of us worry about Plane 15 tags leaking into the DNS.

Again, thanks for letting us know the status of VGRS's process. Other registries should feel free to chime in any moment now...

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium