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Re: Character Variant Deployment at VeriSign

Dear all,

-  VGRS will be using a table that is available from TWNIC.

Could you give us a pointer to that table?

The table that we are using can be found at

TWNIC, along with CNNIC,  have been working on Chinese variant table for a while and publish
some internal information on web site during the working time. So, we welcome all to reference it
for some study.

The table that VGRS going to use :
This table is one of a reference source for TWNIC to finalize a careful consideration Chinese variant

This table is NOT a complete table to implement for Chinese IDN registration. At least for TWNIC still
not think it is sufficient for ccTLD. So, for single named space overlapped gTLD, it would need more

If VGRS decided to use this variant table to implement the Phase I Character Bariant Solution at this
moment, TWNIC believes that VGRS has it's business consideration and decision.

Erin Chen