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RE: Character Variant Deployment at VeriSign

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> On Fri, May 16, 2003 at 12:06:10PM -0400,
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> > Later this summer, we intend to introduce a language tag so that a 
> > registrar or registrant can provide the appropriate language 
> > association for a new registration.
> This "language tag" issue is quite new in the DNS and is 
> quite arbitrary. What is the language of coca-cola.com? Of 
> vivendi.com? Giving that most international companies take 
> care to choose a name that does not seem too local, Vivendi 
> (a French-based company, whose name is pseudo-latin) will not 
> be happy to tag itself as "french" or as "latin".

And the language tag just in the registration stage is meaningless to
endusers for its name resolution. The endusers don't know the name
he wants to use belonging to which language tag. Verisign maybe can tell
us the detail of their implemenation mechainsms meaningfully and