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Re: Character Variant Deployment at VeriSign

Hello, Pat

Two ways to decide the language tags, I think.
One is by the registrant, and another one is by the registry/registrar

Actually it is very dangerous to allow language tag to have value of null.
because it will cause despute in the future.
In some cases, it should be forces to choose a tag for registrar or

As to gTLD, it is a little bit difficult to let registrant choose tag,
but it is resonable to assign affirmative language tag for registrars of gTLD.

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> Stephane,
> Your point is important in that it is the registrant that must make the
> determination of language.  A language tag should not be forced upon a
> registration.  We intend to allow a language tag to have a value of null or
> no language just for this very reason.
> Pat
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> > Later this summer, we intend to introduce a language tag so that a
> registrar
> > or registrant can provide the appropriate language association for a new
> > registration.
> This "language tag" issue is quite new in the DNS and is quite
> arbitrary. What is the language of coca-cola.com? Of vivendi.com?
> Giving that most international companies take care to choose a name
> that does not seem too local, Vivendi (a French-based company, whose
> name is pseudo-latin) will not be happy to tag itself as "french" or
> as "latin".