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Re: Character Variant Deployment at VeriSign

Langauge tags could potentially be displayed in the WHOIS.

Langauge tags help determine the "set" or "package" or "bundle" of domains
to be reserved/registered/entered into zone/etc.  It potentially also
provides an indication of whether a domain was registered "in bad faith",
although not necessarily key, but could help determine that.  E.g. if a
registrant registers an apparently meaningless domain in a langauge which
happens to create a reserved variant in a trademark for another langauge,
this could potentially be identified as intentionally registering "in bad
faith".  Though I am not a lawyer, these are my thoughts.

About domains with a language tag value of "null".
While it is not a good idea, we are however stuck with a legacy problem.
All domains previously registered (English domains and domains that contain
only basic ASCII alphanumeric characters more importantly) do not currently
have a "language tag".  How do we deal with those names should be discussed
and in the future, perhaps the "language" should be determined... but for
now, I think it is important to tolerate a "null" language tag.  Or if that
is not good, then perhaps "unidentified" instead of "null".


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> xiaodong lee <lee@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Actually it is very dangerous to allow language tag to have value of
> > null. because it will cause dispute in the future.
> Could someone please explain how adding invisible language tags to
> domain labels will prevent or alleviate disputes?  I don't understand at
> all.
> (I say "invisible" because they are not present in the name as seen by
> users and applications, and they are not accessible via DNS.)
> If two registrants want to register Iota Beta Mu and IBM under the same
> domain, how do language tags make the situation easier to deal with or
> less likely to cause a dispute?
> Or if language tags are not helpful in that situation, is there some
> other kind of situation where they would be helpful?
> Thanks,