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Re: Character Variant Deployment at VeriSign

I think language tags are useful for determining both:
reserved variants; and
zone variants.

I agree with AyeShil's point.  Sometimes, registries might decide to use a
superset of the variant set taken from policies from multiple places.  For
example, given a domain registration for a domain with lang:eng the french
registry and the german registry may have different set of variants, while
the swiss registry might want to use the superset from both for reserved


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From: "AyeShil Jeon" <asjeon@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 10:52 PM
Subject: RE: Character Variant Deployment at VeriSign

> > Okay, I'm starting to see something.  I think anyone who registered EPA
> > and anyone who registered Eta Pi Alpha would be likely to have a dispute
> > regardless of the intended languages, and some users would be likely to
> > be confused regardless of the languages intended by the registrants.  So
> > I don't think language tags are useful for deciding what registrations
> > get blocked.
> My understanding is whatever variants registered on language tag,
> it makes users be confused, so it's useless, right?
> I have no idea exactly what your point is.  Would you clarify it?
> > However, when the registry suggests variants to actually add to the DNS
> > zone (unlike most variants, which would be blocked but would not appear
> > in the zone), or when the registry sets prices for adding particular
> > variants to the zone, I can see how it would make sense to use a
> > language tag.
> >
> > So I suggest a model where language tags might be relevant to the
> > internal affairs of a single registration (like pricing and the domain
> > management user interface), but would be irrelevant for interactions
> > between registrations (like the construction of the full set of blocked
> > variants).  What do you think?
> What if the variant tables are different among language tags and
> some gTLD registry would like to adopt it, then the table should be the
> of those tables?
> AyeShil.