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RE: Character Variant Deployment at VeriSign

>>Here's an example of how a registry might decide whether to admit
>>a name.  Suppose the zone supports a set L of languages.  For each
>>language in L, there is a function Valid(language;label) that checks
>>whether the label is valid in that language, and another function
>>TooClose(language;label1,label2) that checks whether two labels are
>>confusingly similar in that language.
>>I suggest that the registration of a new label be allowed if
>>(1) Valid(language;label) is true for at least one language in L, and
>>(2) TooClose(language;label,existing_label) is never true for any
>>    existing label, for any language in L.

Referring to you previous example, this will work only if the registry
has decided to support language Y beforehand. It can well be that x1 and
x2 has been already registered before the decision to support language Y
has been made.