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Re: Character Variant Deployment at VeriSign

At 8:52 AM +0800 5/22/03, James Seng wrote:
If "I get x2 too" means that x2 appears in the DNS zone at no additional
charge, then I agree, a language tag would be useful.

Read the JET IDN Admin.

It would be nice to do that, but the newest version has not been published. Many of us have been told that the next version will have significant changes, so we are waiting (only somewhat patiently) for it.

Depending on what kind of variants, it may or it may not end up in the zonefile. As for the question involving cost, that is left out of the document *intentionally* because we dont think IETF is the forum to discuss that.

This is no longer being discussed in the IETF. Further, many people (such as some JET authors) have brought up costs as one of the motivators for different IDN policies. Thus, ignoring costs in the JET document creates an incomplete document.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium