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Re: Jonah installation error

Hi Riaz,

I think the problem here is that we intended you to edit the Makefile in
\src\japi to tell the build where your JDK installation is.  Unfortunately,
instructions on how to do this were missing from the snapshot 2 release.  The
build instructions for the upcoming snapshot 3 contain the following text:

"You may need to edit the Makefile in the y:\src\JAPI directory to tell the
build where to find the JNI header files it needs. This will be necessary if you
plan on using the Sun JDK to build the Java portions of Jonah, or if you have
installed JBuilder somewhere other than its default directory. The line in
question is the assignment to INCDIRS; You should replace
"c:\jbuilder2\java\include" with the corresponding directory under your JBuilder
installation (if you are using JBuilder), or with "c:\jdk1.1.6\include
c:\jdk1.1.6\include\win32" if you intend to use the Sun JDK and have installed
it in c:\jdk1.1.6."

Copying the header files into the Jonah build tree should have the same effect.


"Zolfonoon, Riaz" <rzolfonoon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>@imc.org on 02/03/99 10:27:25

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Subject:  Jonah installation error

I installed Jonah R2 kit. The installation was pretty smooth. I simply
followed the instructions.

The only problem I ran into was the following. The build procedure could not
find jni_md.h. I copied the file from JDK include to my Jonah build tree and
every thing worked fine. Is this due to a problem in my environment
(incorrect envir variables, path, etc.) or is this due to a problem in the
build procedures?

Thanks a lot. Great job folks!

Starting build in Y:/Src/JAPI
make: Warning -- Attempt to redefine macro `PWD' failed
echo Building jonah_base_JonahInterface.obj
Building jonah_base_JonahInterface.obj
cl -c -Ic:\jbuilder2\java\include -I/Obj/NT/include -I/src/include
PI -IY:/Src/JAPI -IY:/Src/JAPI -IZ:c:\jbuilder2\java\include
 -IZ:/src/include -IZ:/Obj/NT//JAPI -IZ:/Src/JAPI -IZ:/Src/JAPI /MDd /GX
Command line warning D4025 : overriding '/MDd' with '/MTd'
/src/include\jni.h(44) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file:
: No such file or directory
make: Error code 2
make: Error code 255
make: Error code 255


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