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Re: building without mks

No one's told us (the jonah team) if they have.

Not in the next release (which is getting sent out soon and does CRLs) but in
the one after, we'll be converting to ODE, which will help us keep our internal
efforts on NT and Solaris in synch.

David Skyberg <sky@xxxxxxxxx>@imc.org on 02/04/99 11:15:37 PM

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Subject:  building without mks

Sorry if this has been asked, but I'm new to the list.

Has anyone built Jonah on NT without mks?  I have tchs and a bunch of
unix utils (including make).  Before I go to the trouble of re-writing
the makefiles, I am wondering if anyone has already done this for
sans-mks environmenst?
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