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Re: Distributing Jonah outside US

I'm sorry we didn't reply to this earlier. I was hoping to have something
more concrete to say. There are people working on this. The official status
is: "The Export approval process has 3 steps:  NSA, Dept. of Commerce, and
FBI.  The Jonah development team has had discussions and the application
process is proceeding. "

I don't know anyone who's working on making non-crypto parts available, and
I don't remember any team discussions about that.

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Few months ago there was some discussion about making the non-crypto
parts available also to other countries than just to US. Does anyone
know what is the status here now?

I would be mainly interested of the CRMF/CMP protocol client (EE)
side implementation. The code wouldn't have to be even compilable,
just contain the request generation and the transfer protocol
over TCP.


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