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Re: Subject: Missing eng.h file?

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Thanks.  I should've known the answer is "RTFM."
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"Robert W. Colestock" <rwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 01/19/99 01:33:36 PM

To:   imc-sfl@xxxxxxx
cc:    (bcc: David Hemsath/Austin/IBM)
Subject:  Re: Subject: Missing eng.h file?


The missing file is "rng.h" from the freeware cryptopp 2.0 library.  We do
not distribute this library in an attempt to avoid export restrictions.
default settings in the project assume that you have the crypto ++ library
and include files in the appropriate directory:

    ..\Debug\cryptoppd.lib        <<< BE CAREFUL TO CHANGE THE PROJECT
                                                          MATCH THE SFL;
Multithreaded Debug DLL, etc.  ALSO, THIS
                                                          VERSION USES THE
cryptopp 2.0, not the new 3.0 which is
                                                           being integrated
presently. >>>

An exerpt from the README file:

"3) snaccvc.zip (Unchanged for v0.6) : zip file containing SNACC
ASN.1 Compiler and Library source code that has been enhanced by
VDA to implement DER.  MS Windows NT/95 project files are included
for the SNACC code, MIME++ and Crypto++.  Note that the Crypto++
and MIME++ libraries are not included.
See (http://www.eskimo.com/~weidai/cryptlib.html) and
(http://hunnysoft.com/mimepp/) for these two libraries. "

An exerpt from the API document:

"There are three libraries provided in the default SFL release:  SM_RSA
(using the RSA BSAFE 3.0 library), SM_FREE (using the freeware crypto++
library), and SM_FORT (using the Fortezza CI library).  "

The Fortezza library has not been finished and is not integrated into the
test environment.  The crypto++ interface has been enabled by default using
the define "SM_FREE_USED".  The RSA Bsafe 3.0 interface has also been
enabled by default using the define "SM_RSA_USED".  Our intent was to allow
users to link either or both libraries easily.  Send an e-mail to me if you
have problems with linking a single library, I will create a special
to link and test a single library type.

Bob Colestock