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Problems linking SFL package

Let me first apologize if this topic seems a bit sophomoric for this list,
but I'm not a strong MS C++ programmer.   As part of an effort to evaluate
the s/mime version 3 standards I've been tasked to look at the SFL.  I've
pulled down the necessary pieces and started to build the project under MS
Visual C++ version 6.  The individual libraries build just fine but when I
go to either mimetest or report_tool I run into trouble.  The linker is
looking for a single library (mimeppd.lib) from version 1.1 of the mime++
package but the latest version available is 1.2.3 and appears to have three
libraries (mimeppcore, mimepp_net and mimepp_util) not one.  I can fix that
but then I get a linker error 2001 when the DwInitialize function is called
This function is actually part of the mime++ library and the problem appears
to be caused by decoration of the function name.   Since I assume from
reading this list and the documentation that the mimetest program builds and
runs just fine I wondered if anyone has either a copy of the earlier mime
library or can suggest a way for me to patch the code.  Thank.
Regards, JHH
John H. Hardenbergh
AT&T Goverment Markets Group