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RE: Question of SFL Test Cases

Sorry about the confusion.  I would like to make a number of comments to
your e-mail:
    - mimeTest.exe is intended only for the MIME encoding integration
testing; it is not fully tested on our releases.  Our charter only provides
for the construction of CMS message components, ASN.1 encoded.  The
"sm_mimeTest.cpp" and supporting files are only used for MS Outlook
Express/Outlook integration testing.  The test cases are run through
    - Once you build the "autohi.exe" executable (this should be easy, since
it is a subset of the "mimeTest.exe"), it can be run with the
"./test/autohiAll.cfg" (if your version of the SFL has the DLL logic for MS
Windows, you will need to be careful to run the version indicating DEBUG or
RELEASE CTIL loads, "./test/autohiAllSFLd.cfg" or
"./test/autohiAllSFL.cfg").  This config file is our test of all features
(at least our attempt at such repeatable tests) and the written test cases
(not all test cases have been finished yet).  These tests include non-test
case examples.  The config files that build a message are not run as direct
command line parameters, they are run through a hi-level config file that
defines the login environment and lists a number of test scripts to run (see
"./test/autohiAll.cfg" for example).  The setup in the project file is under
the "auto_hi" Project Settings
            DEBUG Tab
            Working Directory: ./test
            Program Arguments: ./autohiAll.cfg
    - In order for these tests to run, it is important to have both the RSA
and Crypto++ 3.1 CTILs built.  This will require the RSA bsafe 3.0 library
(purchased) and the Crypto++3.1 library (downloaded as described in the
README file).  Since we test for all of our supported CTILs, these tests mix
the 2 recipient types in the full suite of tests; there is a limited RSA
only test config file.  If you wish to run only 1 of these libraries please
e-mail me directly, I will produce a specific set of tests for a single
library, RSA or Free3 (it's on my list of things to do; the sm_rsaDLL.dll
uses the Bsafe 3.0 library, the sm_free3DLL.dll uses the freely available
Crypto++3.1 library). 
    - As to a document describing the test environment or config files,
sorry.  Our task is to build the SFL library and test it fully, we do not
provide a client program, nor a documented test environment.  We do some
limited integration tests with the commercial e-mail clients.  The test
environment is intended for unit development tests only.  As to the error
with the mispelled keyword, we do not check for properly formatted keywords;
the FILL routines in the client level tests classes do check for mandatory
fields and will abort if they are not present.  In this case with content,
content is many times optional, depending on the intended SignedData ASN.1
case.  We do make an attempt to comment the configuration files and make the
keywords as clear as possible, based on the ASN.1 documentation and ASN.1
keywords themselves (see cms-13.txt and ess-12.txt).
I hope this helps.  The config files are very useful for repetitive testing
for releases as well as demonstrating many of the features implemented by
the SFL (e.g. attributes).  Assuming you have gone through the contortions
necessary to attain the crypto libraries and build the CTILs necessary for
these tests, the SFL test program can be run to produce a simple SignedData
component easily.  We provide a number of private keys and matching
certificates to test (follow the file links specified in the
"./test/autohiAll.cfg", "logins=" keyword to locate the private
keys/certificate pairs).
Bob Colestock
rwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:rwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

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Subject: Question of SFL Test Cases

        I've been slowly working through the various pieces of the S/MIME
Freeware Library documentation and the reference implementation software.
As part of the learning curve I started to reproduce the tests described in
'Software Test Descriptions" version 1.1, unfortunately I seem to being
doing something wrong.  If I run MIMETEST.EXE with no arguments I get an
error back.  Then following the procedure for Test 1 I specify
"./hilevel/create/SignedData_001.cfg" in the command line, if the path to
the config file in wrong another error message, otherwise MIMETEST appears
to run and exit normally.  Unfortunately I can remove the "sd" file, and the
*.out" files but no new files are generated.  Removing the data source also
has no effect.  Finally editing the config file by changing the
"ContentFILE" token to "ContentFIILE" does not produce an error.  What am I
        In related issue is there description available of the available
configuration file commands accepted by MIMETEST?
Regards, JHH
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