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SFL and the change in US Encryption policy

>               Update to Encryption Policy
>                     September 1999
>                  Questions and Answers 

> 8. Is source code allowed to be exported under a license exception or
> does this policy only authorize the export of encryption object code? 
>       Source code will continue to be reviewed under a case-by-case 
>       basis. This update will allow the global export of object code 
>       encryption software under a license exception

Does anyone on this list know of the US Government's intention with
regard to the export of the SFL source code outside US/Canada?

The desire to make S/MIME 3 "the standard security protocol for
protecting data communicated across the Internet" is currently
undermined by the proliferation of weak crypto outside the US. 

Will anyone in the US (the developers of SFL, IMC,...) be 'encouraging'
the US Government to make the SFL source code to be exportable under a
licence exception?

We would be very interested in the possibility of using the SFL but,
being UK based, are currently unable to do so.

Ian Bell                                           T U R N P I K E  Ltd