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v1.6 SFL/SNACC Patch Files


A bug has been reported in the v1.6 S/MIME Freeware Library (SFL) and
accompanying SNACC C++ library.  We strongly recommend that the patch files
(described below) should be immediately incorporated into your local version
of the SFL and SNACC C++ software.  Much thanks to Dan Teodosescu, Foliage
Software Systems, for reporting this bug.  We encourage all feedback related
to the SFL and SNACC software.  We made the changes in the SFL and SNACC C++
baseline software as described below and successfully tested the corrected
software.  The corrected SFL and SNACC C++ source code files are stored on
the Fortezza Developer's S/MIME Page
<http://www.armadillo.huntsville.al.us/software/smime> under "sflpatch
4/18/00".  We do not plan to deliver a new release of the SFL and SNACC C++
software solely to fix this bug.  This bug does not impact the Certificate
Management Library.  We added the following text to the SFL Problem Report
File available in the "sflpatch 4/18/00" zip file:

17 April 2000

This file documents errors in the v1.6 S/MIME Freeware Library (SFL) that
have not yet been included in a new release of the SFL.


Problem Report #1

File(s) Affected: sm_buffer.h, sm_vdasnacc.cpp, sm_buffer.cpp, vdatest.cpp

Date Reported: 12 April 2000

Problem Description: When the v1.6 SFL is used to create a signedData object
larger than 16K bytes, then temporary files containing the signedData object
are not removed from the root directory of the working drive.  

Platform(s) affected: All

Resolution: SNACC was leaving temporary files in the root directory when any
object larger than 16K was ASN.1 encoded.  The sm_buffer.h, sm_vdasnacc.cpp,
sm_buffer.cpp, vdatest.cpp patch files fix the problem.  These files belong
in the SNACC release c++-lib inc and src directories.  The file
"sm_buffer.h" MUST also be copied to the sfl directory "./include/snacc/c++"
to be effective.  

There will be a few SFL baseline build errors due to the CSM_Buffer update;
on each error add "(size_t)" override on the CSM_Buffer constructor
parameter (there are only 8 or so errors).  

Baseline Source Code Fixed and Tested: 17 April 2000

For more information, contact:
John Pawling, Director - Systems Engineering
J.G. Van Dyke & Associates, Inc;
a Wang Government Services Company