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RE: csmime.mdl


I am not aware of another UML interpreter.  These diagrams are a bit out of
date, but very useful for documentation.  When I created them the Rational
Rose product was limited in construction of complex diagrams but available
for reading such files with no time limit (I no longer have this copy).  The
Microsoft Visual Modeler can read these diagrams with no problem.

If you are successful in finding a UML reader; I have more updated, yet
still incomplete diagrams that are closer to this iteration.  They will
require a bit of massaging to be useful, but still better than re-entering
all method/paremeter/inheritance information by hand (copy and paste is very
useful).  They are not published due to the lack of time and resources for
polish on our end.  You are welcome to the updated copies.

Bob Colestock

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On the web page where we can download the sfl, the csmime.mdl file is
for download as well. Is there a freeware program to open it, since rational
rose is time limited, and too big for downloading in my opinion. What I have
mind is something like Argo/UML.
Or could you create an other file format, like xmi/pgml ?