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'EncodedParams' error in CreateDHCryptoKeys

Hello Robert
I'm working with the ('smimeR1.5' on a WinNT OS) and my goal is to create a
certificate and use it.
As far as I know, in order to create and use the cert' I need:
	PublicKey + AlgParameters (for creating the cert')
	PrivateKey.		     (for using the cert')
To generate DH PublicKey + AlgParameters + PrivateKey I used code that is
used in the 
'CertWindowDlg.cpp' in 'smimeR1.6', the 'CertificateBuilder.dsp'.
The code is:
  pCryptoDH = SM_BuildCryptoKeysDH(NULL, password);
  if(pCryptoDH != NULL)
    stat = pCryptoDH->GenerateKeys( &XPriv, &YPub, P, G, Q,
                                    nKeyBits, readParams , &params );    
  if(stat != SM_NO_ERROR)
    // handle the ERROR
    if(subPubKeyInfPtr == NULL)
      subPubKeyInfPtr = new SubjectPublicKeyInfo;
    subPubKeyInfPtr = pCryptoDH->LoadSNACCPublicKeyInfo( &params , &YPub );

    //encrypt private key
    CSM_Alg *alg = new CSM_Alg(*subPubKeyInfPtr->algorithm);
    encryptPrivPtr = pCryptoDH->WrapPrivateKey(XPriv,password,alg);
1) Are the 'CSM_Buffer YPub' + 'CSM_Buffer params' are the
PublicKey+AlgParameters needed to create and use the cert' ?
  When I used them as the 'PublicKey=...' and 'EncodedParams=...' in the
  the output cert' of the 'auto_hid.exe' was corrupted and could not be

2)Is the  'CSM_Buffer* encryptPrivPtr' is the PrivateKey needed to
encrypt/decrypt using the cert' ?

3) Is the 'SubjectPublicKeyInfo* subPubKeyInfPtr' is the cert's
certificateToSign->subjectPublicKeyInfo ?

4) How the 'dh_params.dat' and 'BugsDhY.dat' were built ? 

My goal...
 is to create a cert' but when I use all the 'subPubKeyInfPtr' as the cert's
certificateToSign->subjectPublicKeyInfo I got a cert' the has a 'DH (0
Bits)' in the 'PublicKey' parameter in the Microsoft cert' viewer and my
application fails to use this Cert' + PrivateKey to encrypt/decrypt.

Thanks in advance
Alon Barak
Vanguard Security Technologies Ltd.
Tel: 972-4-9891311 (Ext. 221); 
Fax: 972-4-9891322