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R: Problem building an application over SFL

Thank's to Bob and Jonathan!!!

You rightly pointed the two problems existing within my VC++ project

1) Dllimport vs. dllexport problem

> If you look
> carefully at the DEFINES for the libCertDLL application, you 
> will find the
> following:
> which in turn define "dllexport" declarations for all classes to be
> exported.  These same include files default the declaration 
> to "dllimport".
> In your case, you must have one or more of the defintions 
> defined for export
> AS "dllimport"

Including "sm_api.h" without defining LIBCERTDLL_EXPORTS,
VDASNACCDLL_API_EXPORTS within my project, causes the definition 
LIBCERTDLL_API and VDASNACCDLL_API both to '__declspec(dllimport)'

(e.g. see libCertDLL.h:
#define LIBCERTDLL_API __declspec(dllexport)
#define LIBCERTDLL_API __declspec(dllimport)

So my project should be built without errors.

But while creating my VC++ project, unfortunately I inserted
LIBCERTDLL_API="",VDASNACCDLL_API="" in C/C++ Compiler-> Preprocessor 
options (copied from a project of Smime VC workspace). These 
settings override the right LIBCERTDLL_API and VDASNACCDLL_API 
define both to "". 
So various classes and functions weren't defined as 'dllimport' 
as requested

definitions, the include file "sm_api.h" included in my source 
code, declares various classes and functions correctly as 'dllimport' 

This tip eliminates the first two linker's errors

2) Debug Multithreaded vs. Debug Multithreaded DLL for run-time library

>	Try building it with "Debug Multithreaded DLL" rather than "Debug
> Multithreaded". This will get rid of some of the errors. The linkage of
> the C++ runtime libraries in your application must match the linkage
> used in the SFL. Since the SFL is linked to the C++ DLL library your
> application must be linked similarly.

I choosed Debug Multithreaded option for run-time library and I
set 'ignore libraries'= MSVCRTD.LIB within Link->input options
(because linker returned a warning and suggested to set the
last option). 
Using only CSM_AppLogin for login gave me no problem. Using
CSM_MsgToSign (instancing an object for a class) caused 
the wrong settings emerging.

Choosing Debug Multithreaded DLL options and eliminating
'ignore libraries'= MSVCRTD.LIB, make building project 
without errors.

This tip eliminates the other linker's errors

Thank's again