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RE: SFLv1.7 + RSA build errors


Sorry, this is new for the release, documentation lags a bit.  The purpose
of the SMPDist directory is to provide a common location for binaries and
includes necessary to build a project.  Once you move the appropriate
components into place, you should be able to leave them alone.  I hand copy
the Algs components (e.g. Crypto++ 3.1 and BSafe).  This new directory
avoids the need for the parallel directories with smimeR1.7 (e.g.

You can create your own distribution copy projects; since we do not
distribute BSafe nor Crypto++, we cannot provide the copy (I could create a
special project, but it is easier to simply copy them 1 time and be done
with it).

Bob Colestock

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Subject: SFLv1.7 + RSA build errors

Hi Tex
I'm using MSVC 6 on a WinNT OS with:
SFL		v1.7, 
SNACC 	v1.3R2, 
Crypto++ 	v3.1
CML   		v1.71
(all downloaded 3 day ago)

The problem is that I'm adding RSA capabilities to our APP & I'm new in the
RSA area, so...:

1) I created the "cryptlib.lib" as always BUT I couldn't understand what
creates the ../../SMPDist/Algs/crypto++3.1/debug/cryptlib.lib
since THERE IS NO ...SMP_SFL_Dist\SMP_SFL_Dist.dsp IN THE Crypto++3.1.

2) I couldn't understand what creates the bsafe42.lib 
and the what creates the ../../SMPDist/Algs/bsafe42/Library/lib/bsafe42.lib

3) I use the "rsaref2.tar" & "bsafeeay.tar.gz" as the RSA sources but I (&
the compiler) can't find the "stdlibrf.h".
Where can I get it from ?

4) Do I need anything else to use the Crypto++3.1 RSA capabilities ?

Thanks in advance
Alon Barak
Vanguard Security Technologies Ltd.
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