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free3DLL project building problems

Hello All,

first of all, I am new to the list, so I hope you'll forgive me
if I bring you the obvious ...

I am trying to compile the SFL1.7 release, but I seem to be missing
the CTIL .asn files. I cannot build e.g. the sm_free3dll project because the
sm_free3_asn.h/cpp files are missing (they could not be generated by the
snacc compiler because there is no .asn file; actually the .
Can I do anything meaningful without having BSAFE and/or Fortezza ?

My current configuration is :
- NT4.0 SP6
- Visual C++6
- SFL1.7 installed and parts of it compiled, except all DLL project related
the CTIL implementations
- SNACC1.3 succesfully compiled (and hence bin+util subdirs in SMPDist dir)
- crypto++3.1 succesfully compiled (in the SMPDist/Algs/crypto++3.1
- NO COMMERCIAL CRYPTO PRODUCTS (no Bsafe, no Fortezza, ...)

Maarten Willems