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Re: Encrypted Private Keys


Why don't you guys get smart and look at Kyberpass (http://www.kyberpass.com)


Andy bugal
XCP Security Systems Pty. Ltd.

Maarten Willems wrote:

> Hello Bob, All,
> I am using OpenSSL to get pkcs8 structured private keys. That
> allows me to sign, using an address book (the SFL test environment).
> However, when I smtp the mime encoded (multipart/signed) message, Outlook
> 2000 recognises this as a signed message, can positively verify the
> integrity,
> but cannot show the subject and cannot access the certificate (although it
> is included).
> Has anyone done a similar test (with sm_free3) ?
> Below you can find a code extract :
>         pCSMIME = new CSMIME;
>         char pwd[] = "test";
>         char addressbook[] = "free_ab.dat";
>         SMFree3Init(pCSMIME,pwd,addressbook,"FREE");
>         p_GAddressBook = new MAB_AB_def(addressbook);
>         msgToSign = new CL_MsgToSign(CfgFile, pCSMIME, output_flag, verify_flag);
>         if (msgToSign->Check() != SM_NO_ERROR) exit(-1);
> Does anyone know a good SMimev3 client tool to test the messages ? (Entrust
> Autoresponder
> doesn't help in this case)
> Many Thanks,
> Maarten
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> Subject: Encrypted Private Keys
> I'm using a private key / certificate pair extracted from a PKCS 12 file
> using Open SSL. The problem is that the private key I'm passing to sm_free3
> is not encrypted and the SMTI_Sign function is failing when it tries to
> decrypt the private key. How should the private key be encrypted so that the
> sign function can use it?
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