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RE: RC4 license


You are both correct that my initial response addressed the RSA public key
algorithm.  It did not address the use of the RC4 and RC2 algorithms as
requested by Bob.  I apologize for any confusion that my initial response
may have caused.  

The main point that I was trying to make was that the S/MIME Freeware
Library (SFL) and Crypto Token Interface Libraries (CTIL) developed by Wang
Government Services (WGS) and distributed from
<http://www.armadillo.huntsville.al.us/software/smime> do not contain any
code that implements any crypto algorithms (except for the Secure Hashing
Algorithm-1).  Crypto libraries, such as the Crypto++ library, are not
distributed with the WGS-developed SFL and CTILs. 

The imc-sfl mail list is intended to discuss the technical aspects of the
SFL and underlying  libraries.  It is not the appropriate place to discuss
licensing and patent issues regarding crypto algorithms and libraries.
Recommend that you consult the Crypto++ web site
<http://www.eskimo.com/~weidai/cryptlib.html> to determine if there are any
restrictions on the RC2/RC4 code included in the Crypto++ library.  Also
recommend that you consult RSA Security <http://www.rsasecurity.com/> to
learn if there are any restrictions on using code that implements the
RC2/RC4 algorithms.  

John Pawling, john.pawling@xxxxxxxx
Wang Government Services, Inc.,
A Getronics Company