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RE: error decoding PKCS 8 key


The SFL does not read PEM files, it requires a binary ASN.1 encoded file; I
have written a utility (to be released soon) to read PKCS12 files and
reformat the private keys for use by the CTIL.  We have no MIME logic at all
in the SFL, not even a base64 decoder.

Bob Colestock

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From: Bob Smith [mailto:brbdw@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 11:53 AM
To: imc-sfl@xxxxxxx
Subject: error decoding PKCS 8 key

Can someone tell me why the attached key (pk8key.pem) doesn't work with 
sm_free3. It is having problems decoding it, saying error wrong tag. This 
key was created by OpenSSL. The password is password and it has to be base64

decoded. pk8key.pem.txt has the "BEGIN ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY" taken out but 
still has to be base64 decoded.

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