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using RSA alg' in SFL

Hi all
I'm using MSVC 6 on a WinNT OS with: SFL v1.7, SNACC v1.3R2, Crypto++ v3.1 
without bsafe42 and
I'm trying to use RSA WITHOUT using the BSAFE.
I found that the to create the RSA Dll I must have the BSAFE sources and build the ../../../SMPDist/Algs/bsafe42/Library/lib/bsafe42.lib & run SMPDist BAT file.
- why the SFL (sm_rsa dll) is so "BSAFE Oriented" ?
Since I do NOT use BSAFE :
- How can I generate the RSA key-pair in SFL  (using Crypto++ only) ?
- How can I encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify with RSA in SFL (using Crypto++ only)?
Any help will be most welcome.
Thanks in advance

Alon Barak
Vanguard Security Technologies Ltd.
Tel: 972-4-9891311 (Ext. 221);
Fax: 972-4-9891322