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RE: using RSA alg' in SFL

The sm_free3 CTIL will do the RSA sign/verify and encrypt/decrypt
operations.  These features are default disabled to avoid patent issues for
potential users of our library.  You can enable these features in the
sm_free3 CTIL build through the define SM_FREE3_RSA_INCLUDED (see the config
entry "" under the sm_free3 project).
As to why the sm_rsa CTIL is so BSafe specific; we probably should have
named the CTIL sm_Bsafe for clarity, these are meant to be crypto library
specific (within the CTIL).  
As to building keys, I cannot help you there, unfortunately we build all of
our RSA keys through the BSafe library.  Since there was never any need to
build RSA keys through Crypto++, we never wrote any utility code.  Our
charter was to produce an SMIME V3 compliant library, it did not leave much
room for robust key generation, nor certificate generation  utilitites.  It
should not be very difficult to implement; there are several support classes
included with the CTILs for key management (including building PKCS8
password protected private keys) in the sm_free3 and sm_rsa components (with
some shared classes in ./alg_libs/lolevel).  These classes should be
relatively self explanatory.  There are some examples in the
CertificateBuilder logic in building public/private keys and certificates.
You will have to extend the sm_free3 classes to handle RSA; they presently
only handle DSA and DH key generation.
Bob Colestock

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Subject: using RSA alg' in SFL

Hi all
I'm using MSVC 6 on a WinNT OS with: SFL v1.7, SNACC v1.3R2, Crypto++ v3.1
without bsafe42 and
I'm trying to use RSA WITHOUT using the BSAFE.
I found that the to create the RSA Dll I must have the BSAFE sources and
build the ../../../SMPDist/Algs/bsafe42/Library/lib/bsafe42.lib & run
SMPDist BAT file.
- why the SFL (sm_rsa dll) is so "BSAFE Oriented" ?
Since I do NOT use BSAFE :
- How can I generate the RSA key-pair in SFL  (using Crypto++ only) ?
- How can I encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify with RSA in SFL (using Crypto++
Any help will be most welcome.
Thanks in advance
Alon Barak 
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