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Re: v1.8 SFL PLans (PKCS #12 and #11 Enhancements)

I'm just wondering when this will be released.



From: "Pawling, John" <John.Pawling@xxxxxxxx>


Wang Government Services is planning to deliver a new release (v1.8) of the
S/MIME Freeware Library (SFL) by 30 September 2000.  This new release will
include PKCS# 12 enhancements to the Free3 Crypto Token Interface Library
(CTIL) that uses the Crypto++ library.  We are incorporating PKCS #12 code
from OpenSSL into the Free3 CTIL.  So far, we have successfully tested the
OpenSSL PKCS #12 code with the Free3 CTIL on Microsoft Windows.  We also
plan to test it on Sun Solaris 2.7.  We can now import Microsoft-created,
encrypted PKCS #12 files into the Free3 CTIL.  The Free3 CTIL logins
optionally accept a PKCS #12 file to obtain private keys and certificates.
We have also completed code to generate PKCS #12 files, but this capability
is still being tested.

We also plan to deliver a fully functional PKCS #11 CTIL in conjunction with
the v1.8 SFL release. The PKCS #11 CTIL is designed to work with PKCS
#11-compliant crypto libraries. We have successfully tested the PKCS #11
CTIL with the Litronic v1.0 Maestro library that provides a PKCS #11 API.
We successfully tested the SFL, PKCS #11 CTIL and Litronic v1.0 Maestro
library to sign/verify and encrypt/decrypt S/MIME v3 objects. We are now
conducting interoperability testing between the PKCS #11, Fortezza, SPEX/
and Crypto++ CTILs. So far, we have successfully completed sign/verify and
encrypt/decrypt interop testing between the PKCS #11 and Fortezza CTILs. We
also plan to test the PKCS #11 CTIL with the GNU PKCS #11 library and,
possibly, other PKCS #11 libraries to ensure that it is robust.

As soon as the v1.8 SFL and new CTILs are available, we will send a message
to this list.

John Pawling, john.pawling@xxxxxxxx
Wang Government Services, Inc.,
A Getronics Company

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