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SFL 1.8 and the SNACC v1.3 R4 ASN.1 compiler

Has SFL 1.8 been tested with the SNACC v1.3 R4 ASN.1 Compiler? I'm having problems when I use sfl 1.8 and the snacc v1.3 R4 at the GLOBALAddLoginFinish function. It seems that DECODE_BUF in CSM_Free3::DecodeCertificate does not work properly when I'm using the DaisyRSA.out certificate found in the test folder. DecodeCertificate does a memory overrun and then when the GLOBALAddLoginFinish function tries to clean up its memory, deleting the m_pSNACCCert variable of in the CSM_CertificateChoice destructor causes a memory overrun error.

I also tried using SFL 1.7 and SNACC v1.3 R4 and I got an access violation at DECODE_BUF when I call CSM_Free3::AddLoginStatic in SM_FREE3.

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