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FW: UKM size in the SMIME Freeware Library v1.8


Please note this bug fix.

John Pawling, John.Pawling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Getronics Government Solutions, LLC 

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From: Colestock, Robert
To: 'imc-cml@xxxxxxx';'Ahmed Bhamjee '
Sent: 12/12/2000 1:41 PM
Subject: RE: UKM size in the SMIME Freeware Library v1.8


You are absolutely correct.  I had to dig up the rfc2631 specification
DH to determine the actual UserKeyMaterial size.  128 byte length works
fine, but is not correct to the specification.  Thank you for pointing
out.  If you wish to change your copy, simply update the variable
"SM_FREE_RA_SIZE" in ./alg_libs/sm_free3/sm_free3.h from 128 to 512 and
re-build.  Our next release will have the updated size.  This has been
tested on ESDH operations and now produces the appropriate sized
structures (only used for the wrap hash).

Thank you
Bob Colestock

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From: Ahmed Bhamjee
To: ietf-smime@xxxxxxx
Sent: 12/12/2000 6:18 AM
Subject: UKM size in the SMIME Freeware Library v1.8

I have been testing our product with the latest SFL version. More
specifically, I have performed tests using the Diffie-Hellman key
method. From the RFC (2631), the size of partyAInfo contained in the
OtherInfo sequence must be 512 bits in size. However, the SFL produces
keying material with partyAInfo set to 128 bytes. Should this not be 64
bytes? Perhaps I am missing something.